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In a world where 3.4 billion people actively use social media every day, we are helping eCommerce businesses globally to leverage the power of social media.

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a cultural revolution
social media.

The introduction of social media has changed the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms have revolutionised the way we interact and form our communities - never before has the world been so connected. 

Not only can we stay in touch with friends and family, it provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers and grow their audiences. Social media is constantly evolving, what worked 10 years ago, will not work now. 

Users want content to be personal, businesses to be genuine and information to be factual. When your audiences speak we listen.

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The rise of
social commerce.

In 2019, eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to $3.53 trillion. Social commerce is transforming the we sell online with online sales expected to top $6.54 trillion by 2022. COVID-19 has only increased the demand for eCommerce. While governments shut down stores, Amazon, the world's largest eCommerce store grew in revenues of $24 billion.

Social media and eCommerce go hand in hand and the data doesn’t lie. Facebook drove 80% of all US referrals to retail websites. 48% of Pinterest users use the platform to find and buy products.

We develop a strategy, optimise your approach and future proof your business for the changes in the way we shop.

Seize the moment. Opportunity awaits.

The time is now.

The power of social media is unrivalled when it comes to driving traffic to your business, increasing your sales, lowering marketing and advertising costs, improving your ROI.

Consumer attention spans are reducing. Your audience expects a quick, seamless experience, seeking rapid solutions to problems and sharing all aspects of their lives on social media. They are spending more time on their phones, don’t you?

The next logical step is to recognise this behaviour and use the channels that they are engaged with. 92% of consumers trust organic, user generated content more than traditional advertising. With the advent of tools integrated within social media platforms such as Instagram shoppable posts and Pinterest pins, social commerce is the next stage of development.
We know how to take you there.

how we help you

an agency that delivers results

Since the inception of Grow Social, we have always set out to achieve one key objective.
Our mission - To bring the world to your doorstep.

Over the years, we have spent countless hours and a huge amount of our own resources to constantly learn, adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the game so our customers don't have to. By engaging with us, we're already invested in your success and are committed to seeing it through. This is the Grow Social guarantee.

Content Guidelines
We help you develop your content guidelines which ensures consistency of your personal and brand image across social media platforms. These include things like colours, filters, style and tone of voice.

Photo Editing & Retouching
Once we have a clear understanding of your guidelines, our Content Team can professionally edit, correct and retouch your photos for you allowing you to focus on planning and getting more content!

Digital Asset Bank
We give you access to a Digital Asset Bank which allows you to upload and store a centralised bank of content that we can edit and schedule to post for you at optimal times. This allows you to always actively post on social media even when you feel like taking a break!

Social Content Calendar
It can be difficult at times to find new things to post and stay relevant. We help solve that problem by creating a tailored content calendar for you which give you the most relevant upcoming events so you can plan your content around it.

Content Creation

Organic Growth and Engagement Strategy
We help you build a growth and engagement strategy that works! Our Social Media and Research Team help you to understand your niche or industry in relation to social media and how you can capitalise on it!

Insights and Analysis (For Audience and Content)
Our advanced software allows us to take a deep dive into your social media data and enhance your social strategy. We use this analyse your audience demographics, content, trends and engagement at a very granular level to drive strategic decision-making.

Research Strategy (Industry or Niche)

Social Listening
We have the ability to give you a competitive advantage on social media through our Social Listening capabilities. Our Research Team can deep dive into social media platform data and analyse your performance against your competitors, find new opportunities by listening to conversations across all platforms as well as adapt your strategy
Optimised Posting

Strategy & Insights

Messenger Bot Automation
Sponsored Posts & Boosted Ads
Social Media Interaction Management (Inbox and Comments)
Social Customer Care


Full Social Media Management
Content Governance and Approval
Review Management (On Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor)
Brand / Account Manager

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Our team have worked with brands of all sizes within a variety of industries.

We have solved all kinds of challenges from helping start-ups scale through the monetisation of social media to identifying new areas of opportunity for well-known household brands.

If there's one thing we love more than social media, it's our clients! Here's a few that we are proud to have worked with.

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